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Transforming Healthcare

Quality healthcare around the globe is a right for all citizens and a responsibility of enormous proportions. UCSD Health Sciences International works with healthcare organizations abroad to develop the critical intellectual resources, professional expertise, and infrastructure required to transform their healthcare delivery.

We are dedicated to the highest quality of healthcare, through excellence in clinical medicine, medical education, and biomedical research.

Our Experts Work for You

The foundation of all successful relationships is people. The UCSD Health Sciences International Leadership Team is comprised of experienced and committed  healthcare experts who have the fund of knowledge to develop and manage innovative healthcare facilities.

We are honored and pleased to offer our vision, expertise, guidance, and experience in order to bring the best possible healthcare solutions to the world community.

Worldwide Partnerships

UC San Diego and Perdana University Partner to Advance Medical Education and Research

As a premier, world-class institution, the UCSD Health Sciences meets the international demand for the latest American academic medicine by forming customized alliances with healthcare institutions abroad.

We are fully committed to our international partnerships and spare no effort to excel beyond expectations.