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December 16, 2020

A Day from "Bridge to Residency" Scholar's Life (2)

Please meet our amazing Bridge to Residency scholar - Deyze Badarane. 

As a clinical and research fellow in pathology at UCSD, I have encountered many fascinating cases of rare or unusual disease presentations. These cases have highlighted the critical role of the pathologist in diagnosis and management and reiterated my desire to impact patients as my pathology mentors do every day. My commitment to pathology has been solidified through my intensive clinical and research fellowship at UCSD. Working alongside pathologists in their daily responsibilities has shown me the interdisciplinary aspects of the specialty and the pathologist's integral role in informing treatment decisions. From participating in autopsies, AP/CP sign-outs, tumor board conferences, Journal club, Quality Control conferences and morning didactics' lectures to performing independent research, I have learned the breadth of opportunities available to pathologists and the impact they make in patients' lives. The Bridge to Residency Program at UCSD has provided the career skills and training tools I needed to become successful in the field: to detect and diagnose pathological diseases, assist multidisciplinary medical teams, and ensure the best outcome for patients.

Deyze Badarane MD, MPH, CPH