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January 07, 2021

A glimpse at how one pharmacy graduate has passed the FPGE exam with flying colors!

My name is Salwa Majrashi, a 2018 pharmacy graduate from King Khalid in Saudi Arabia.  I joined the UC San Diego Bridge to Residency for Pharmacists Program in July 2019. I am currently in the first phase of the program which is helping me to prepare to meet the requirements of the NABP to become eligible for FPGEC Certification.  I have been studying advanced English and taking pharmacy-related courses that prepared me for the FPGE exam.  The pharmacy courses covered lots of things from basic pharmacy review to real clinical cases. These courses helped me remember basic knowledge taken in my degree program and to gain new knowledge all of which helped me to pass my FPGE exam!  This program is preparing me to be a great clinical pharmacist in the future.  I look forward to joining the second phase of the program soon and gaining great clinical learning experiences.